A European Open Data Source Website

Blogstats has written about the fact that the EU now has an open-source data portal (although still in beta version), which can be found here.


There are currently almost 6000 datasets available, most provided by Eurostat, but also other EU organs are uploading their statistics. This is really great news for all researchers out there. Even if much of this data has been available for free also earlier, the fact that it can now all be found through one portal, makes things much easier.
There is also a nice program available that can make graphs out of some of the available data, called CubeViz.
An example can be found below.
The graphs are made instantly, but unfortunately there are still large limitations to the number of indicators available.

Such an open data source has so much data available, that, with a bit of data manipulation and combination of datasets almost anything can be studied.
One of the next days, I will present one example of this, with a step-by-step explanation of how I did it and what I was searching for.

UPDATE December 30th: Mathbabe is asking whether open source data actually is beneficial for the general population. Her main argument is that such data most commonly will be used by large, for profit-organisations (using Goldman Sachs as an example) for their own benefit, and not for the common good.
I do disagree a bit with this argument, and believe that this data would have been available to large corporations in one way or another anyways. So, if they are open source, it means that also others (like statistically interested hedgehogs) can use them.

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